When named 实体 such as specific people, places, and things show up in queries or web pages, that can be a signal to search engines to do something special in the results that they show. How prepared are you to understand and anticipate how the search engines treat them? Do you have a named entity strategy in place?


Named 实体 show up in a lot of queries –它们甚至可能是人们在网上最常寻找的东西之一。在Microsoft的2010年白皮书中, 建立名称实体查询的Web搜索意图分类法 (pdf),我们被告知该角色有多大“named 实体” play in search:

According to an internal study of Microsoft, at least 20-30% of queries submitted to Bing search are simply name 实体, and it is reported 71% of queries contain name 实体.

I’我正在撰写有关Google发布的新专利申请的帖子,该帖子描述了Google在查询中遇到命名实体时可能使用的过程,我决定回头看看过去我写了多少关于实体的文章。令我惊讶的是,我写了近130篇文章提到这个词“entities”其中,共有1,223个帖子 海边的SEO 自2005年以来。

考虑到命名实体在查询中出现的频率以及它们对本地搜索和Google的重要性’s growing Knowledge Base, it started me thinking 关于 what kind of role named 实体 had in my strategies and approaches for content creation and marketing sites. Those are fragmented, and possibly should be more unified.

例如,借助本地搜索,它专注于特定的企业和组织以及特定的位置,因此’令我惊讶的是,我的许多职位’在Google地图和Google Maps上特别提到实体。在本地搜索中推广业务时,简单的事情(例如在企业的不同站点上一致地使用业务位置信息)可能会显着影响企业在本地搜索中的排名。您与个人资料中的公司相关联的类别以及您如何撰写公司的信息,在搜索引擎对这些公司的排名中也起着重要作用。这就是为什么命名实体策略很有价值的原因。

与谷歌’s and Bing’越来越多的知识库方法以及展示知识面板和搜索结果,这是我’关于每个搜索引擎正在构建的概念和事物的知识库的文章也提到了实体。通过查看是否为实体显示了知识库结果,可能显示的内容,甚至在建议的查询优化中,您可以学到很多有关实体的知识。

But I was still surprised 通过 some of my mentions of 实体 that I found while looking back at some of my posts.

For example, I remembered that when Microsoft wrote 关于 how they might attempt to identify the most important parts of web pages to analyze the content of those pages and identify the main content as opposed to sidebars and footers and heading sections, named 实体 are one of the 语言特征那 they may use to determine what might be the main content area on a page.

2006年的帖子, 谷歌’的查询排名和搜索结果页面上的查询修订,说明Google在人们搜索内容时如何跟踪人们对查询的更改。他们提到的一件事是,他们经常看到人们猜测查询日志中的实体名称。因此,在Google知识面板中,我们看到“人们还会搜索”与搜索命名实体相关的结果,该搜索很可能由Google在包含该实体并且还可能包含其他命名实体的查询会话中找到。


A 谷歌 patent and paper that I wrote 关于 in 谷歌关于使用文章知识库使搜索更智能 describes how the disambiguation feature at Wikipedia might be useful in telling the search engine 关于 Danny Sullivan the race car driver and Danny Sullivan the writer at Search Engine Land. If you’re writing 关于 a specific person or place or thing, do you look at sources such as Wikipedia or the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or similar sources to learn more 关于 those 实体?


谷歌 may recognize that a query includes a named entity along with other words and show several pages from a specific site that they have associated with that specific entity at the top of search results. I wrote 关于 that in 提升品牌,企业和其他实体:搜索引擎可能会假设查询意味着网站搜索. I find that knowing that 谷歌 might do this can help in better understanding some query spaces and search results that might include named 实体 within the original query, and how that might influence the difficulty of how easy or hard a keyword phrase that includes that entity might rank.

A Yahoo! patent filed in 2009 describes how Yahoo! might look for 实体 within queries 通过 adding labels to words within those queries and applying confidence scores to the labels to gauge what the query is most likely 关于. That post is 不是品牌而是实体:命名实体对Google和Yahoo搜索结果的影响

We do see 谷歌 working towards building a knowledge base filled with concepts and 实体 in many ways, but one of the most visible manifestations of that is through acquisitions such as the one I described in 谷歌 Gets Smarter with Named Entities: Acquires 元Web。如果你’不要留意知识小组的结果以及结果可能如何发展,’值得关注。 谷歌确实包含了针对名人和大型企业的知识面板结果,但是随着他们的知识图变得越来越大,越来越详细,其中包含的人员,地点和事物可能还会增长。

谷歌的知识图的图片's page 关于 their knowledge graph.


A 谷歌 patent that appears to have been filed before 谷歌 acquired 元Web mentions 元Web specifically, and how information 关于 named 实体 from the knowledge base might be used in search results in a mashup format – 谷歌 and 元web: Named Entities and Mashup Search Results? 该专利包括一些屏幕截图示例,这些格式的避风港’没有出现在搜索结果中(’我看过),但他们可能会。

我认为Google地图是Google’s effort towards building a knowledge base 关于 实体 in a way that ties businesses to specific locations. It has used searcher’s queries to help build information 关于 those 实体. See: How 谷歌 Might Use Query Logs to Find Locations for Entities。它’多年来观察Google Maps的增长非常有趣,并且Google在增长方面犯了一些错误,但是由于来自Apple等来源的竞争,Google有很多动机来改善其地图和导航信息的增长。

随着Google Hummingbird更新,它 ’s become clear that 谷歌 is working hard at rewriting long and complex queries, and using information from sources such as query and click logs and search results for specific queries to learn more 关于 实体, which may play a role what they present in 谷歌 Maps, and possibly even search results as well. I pointed this out in
How 谷歌 Finds ‘Known For’ Terms for Entities 并通过识别“is a” relationships for concepts and 实体 in the post 谷歌如何根据单词关系尝试理解查询或页面的含义.


It would be a mistake to focus solely upon 谷歌 in a discussion on named 实体 and search engines, and both Yahoo and Bing have been exploring ways to identify and use named 实体 in useful ways as well. I wrote 关于 some patents I’去年在这两个搜索引擎中都看到过 搜索引擎和实体。负责Bing Maps开发的BlaiseAgüeray Arcas最近 left Microsoft for 谷歌. What information 关于 实体 might he bring from Bing to 谷歌 Maps? So a named entity strategy should go beyond just 谷歌.



I’ve written a few posts 关于 named 实体. These are some that I wanted to share:




  1. From what i Know a named entity 是一个 phrase that clearly identifies one item from a set of other items that have similar 属性s. How does one implement this on a website can you please help for a novice like me. thanks.

  2. 命名实体识别(NER)(也称为实体标识和实体提取)是信息提取的子任务,该任务旨在将文本中的原子元素定位和分类为预定义的类别,例如人员名称,组织,位置,时间表达,数量,货币价值,百分比等。这是我通过网络搜索得到的。但是,请您在网站上详细说明如何使用它。

  3. 我假设您的意思是引文策略,其中将命名实体放置在第三方站点上。对于具有多个品牌的制造商或零售商,或具有多个烙印的出版公司,每种品牌或烙印都必须采用这种策略。


  4. Bill,您通过ESPN示例实现了这一目标。由“命名实体策略,” I’m supposing that you are talking 关于 using your brand and its associated sub-brands as the named 实体. If the goal is to improve your search profile for those named 实体, then you want to go beyond your own website and have your brands mentioned on other sites. That is, if I’我正确理解了这篇文章。

  5. “it started me thinking 关于 what kind of role named 实体 had in my strategies and approaches for content creation and marketing sites. Those are fragmented, and possibly should be more unified.”




  6. Am I the only person who has no idea what this post is going on 关于?


  7. While I named 实体 are nothing more than a way semantically correct way to placing uniquely identifying information with the information in a way to make the web more semantic. Think of categorizing some [widgets], It can be anything from movies, music, 文章s, books or a more robust citation system for the web.




  8. 嗨,比尔,

    Thanks for describing this information in detail. I have searched some queries in 谷歌 and find that 实体 are very frequently captured 通过 Its algorithm. For example I have searched a restaurant 通过 name and It shows me Local results on Top. Yes It is co-related restaurant name with industry than it related to industry with its local search engine.

  9. 激动人心的帖子…!!! Often these are issues and challenges not many content marketers think 关于 so great idea to put some focus on these challenges.

    我其实不’我不同意这是战略层面。它’s more like the tactical level. The strategic level would be more 关于 why we do things, how it’的组织,以及流程的结构。这些比较实用(时间,时间表等)

  10. 很棒的文章!必应和雅虎在搜索和价值方面继续落后于Google。我们发现,尽管新变化影响了我们,但我们仍然能够重新组合并提高排名。至于策略…It’s all 关于 the S &C,成为一个社交动物并撰写聪明的内容。以Facebook…我今天早上在NPR上听说12至16岁的年轻人已经在说FB已经死了!因此,在10年内,当他们希望购买房地产时,我们将身在何处。我绝对会推荐任何人与他们交谈,以他们的搜索引擎优化。新年快乐!

  11. So, to answer the question at the end of your post: not an explicit strategy on this 方面, but it is covered 通过 other elements of our seo and marketing strategy.

    As one major objective of the entity definition is to differentiation from non 实体, and another is the differentiation from other 实体, this has two implications:
    1. 定义 the 实体 you want to promote (company, brand, people, concept, mainly setting the ‘boundaries’
    2. 区分 these 实体 from existing other 实体.

    例–我们有一个存储部门。与衣架或抽屉无关,但与硬盘驱动器,服务器和云有关。所以我们需要定义什么‘company storage’手段(可能涉及数据存储),然后看一下竞争对手。目标应该是具有足够的重叠性以进入正确的类别(数据存储),并具有足够的唯一性以区别于其他类别。

  12. 因此,一段时间以来,品牌提及一直是一个有趣的话题,而且似乎’至少一段时间以来,我一直在与排名进行合作’我们已经看到,尽管这可能是由于其他因素所致,例如随之而来的品牌信号增加,点击率增加,品牌搜索量增加等。

    我的东西’ve been thinking 关于 for a while and I wonder what your thoughts are is, do you think we may one day even see a penalty like penguin related to brand mentions and link ratios as 谷歌 becomes more sophisticated in the way it looks at connecting these things.