Kodak Not Enough: 谷歌 Acquires Printer and Camera Patents from Silverbrook

几周前,一位联邦破产法官批准了柯达的出售’s patent portfolio to a group of companies that joined together to buy them at a discounted price. The group included Apple, 谷歌, Facebook, and others. 那里 were more than 1,000 patents involved, related to photography, storing photos, and sharing photos. It … 阅读更多

谷歌 Granted Patent on 谷歌 Maps in Web Search Results

谷歌’s patents have provided a great number of hints over the past 10 years about local search and how 谷歌 treats businesses and landmarks in Maps and Web results and elsewhere. I’ve been fortunate enough to have uncovered some of these patents and written about many of the algorithms and approaches that 谷歌 has used, … 阅读更多