Will 谷歌 +1 Web Page Buttons also be Share Buttons?


An announcement on the Official 谷歌 博客 yesterday, +1:在搜索结果中正确的建议,描述了可以添加到Google搜索结果中的新社交元素。您可以分享有关在Google搜索中看到的网站的建议,方法是点击带有“+1”它的内部显示在每个结果旁边。 谷歌博客文章告诉我们,拥有Google个人资料并登录了自己的Google帐户的人很快将可以使用此投票系统。如果您想在此之前看到它的实际效果,则需要转到 谷歌 Experimental Search 页面并注册以参与此“experiment.”

A video about 谷歌 +1 is interesting for a couple of reasons. One of them is that it explains how 谷歌 +1 works, and another is that it mentions that this kind of voting might be available outside of 谷歌 search results on other websites sometime soon in the future:

该视频显示了其他网站上的+1按钮,并告诉我们我们可以单击那些页面上的+1按钮。当您点击加号按钮时,提及的内容将显示在您的Google个人资料的+1标签中,“connected to” can see whether you’我加了点东西。 +1按钮在网页上出现时会看起来像+1按钮吗? 谷歌会增加更多功能吗?

I ask because a new patent application published today from 谷歌 describes a 谷歌 Share Button that the search engine might offer to enable visitors to share pages with others via their own chosen methods of 分享.

A screenshot of a web page with a share button on it, clicked to show a choice of 分享 通过  email or through a 社会的 networking site.



由George van den Driessche发明
Assigned to 谷歌



Will 谷歌’s +1 button on websites function exactly 喜欢 the button they announced yesterday, or will it include additional features, 喜欢 the ability to share pages in other ways as well?


添加4:52 也许我们已经有了。看到 OMG Someone Just Found An Embeddable 谷歌 +1 Button – And It Works!. That embeddable +1 button does look just 喜欢 the one in search results, without any 分享 features.

Maybe 谷歌 will also offer a share button as well. Considering the number of blogs they have at blogspot, and many recent upgrades to 博客ger, a feature 喜欢 that which people could include on their blogs might not be a bad idea.

添加5:43 It looks 喜欢 谷歌 has disabled the embeddable +1 button found in the wild. They do have a page where you can sign up to be 知情的 网站何时可以使用+1按钮。


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  1. 嘿比尔



    脸书是一个非常个人化的渠道,整个概念‘Liking’在非常亲密的个人联系的已建立且紧密的网络中共享(和共享)的想法中包含了一些内容。 脸书还以语义上不同的方式渗透到Google的公众意识中。谷歌避风港’尚未实现相同的目标‘social’地位或意识,我不知道’不知道这是否会产生相同的影响。

    我也不要’t 喜欢 the name.

    Also, on a final note, what do you make of 谷歌’最近宣布的BushView项目,该计划使用濒临灭绝的Tree Kangaroos树绘制澳大利亚雨林? --



  2. As webmasters, we will now need to +1 build or risk losing our bread and butter. Very clever on 谷歌’s behalf –从Buzz和Wave中吸取的教训。

  3. 我从不真正了解“赞”,“拇指向上或向下”以及现在加/减按钮的含义。
    Users usually read more than one 文章 on a specific topic. Assuming they 喜欢 or plus it, then read another 文章 and 喜欢 or plus it, which one of these two is actually more relevant in comparison?

  4. Seems 喜欢 google is gearing up to take up the challenge on 脸书. But anyway, i have never used the 脸书 喜欢s, and not do most of the people. They all use 脸书to become more 社会的, and liking a page doesnt much do the trick. I dont think they shall take away the star bookmarks. And since google have more users than facebook, lets see what happens.

  5. 嗨,AnHatMan

    Wow, google is becoming more 喜欢 youtube and 脸书every day

    They are adding a lot of different elements to almost everything they offer that makes each a little more 社会的. I’m not sure that they need to launch a full grown 社会的 network as much as we get the chance to see them build one brick 通过 brick.

  6. 嗨,迈克尔,

    感谢您的Bushview视频– very nicely done. 🙂

    我认为它’s part of 谷歌’过去几年的哲学– throw things out there, and if they succeed, great. If they fail, they should fail quickly so that 谷歌 can move on to the next feature. 谷歌 is growing more 社会的 everyday. They aren’t 脸书,但在某些时候我认为我们’与我们现在预想的相比,我们在Google个人资料上看到的东西会更多。

  7. 克里斯,你好

    I’m not sure. I don’在我访问的每个网站上都看不到“赞”按钮(尽管我确实看到了很多)。

    谷歌’s search wiki and 谷歌’s stars had some of the same elements that the present 谷歌 +1 has, but not a presence on webpages outside of 谷歌 search results. 谷歌 +1 doesn’t have that yet, but it sure sounds 喜欢 it’s going to happen. 谷歌 does seem to learn lessons from projects 喜欢 Buzz and Wave (and even Orkut, I think).

  8. 嗨安德里亚斯,

    PageRank is a little black and white 喜欢 that, too. A link counts as a vote for a site, when the link may actually be referring others to a site via a link to say something negative and may be a vote against it.

    I 喜欢 the idea of “sharing”因为这意味着你’不只是对某事投票,而且您通常也有机会解释为什么’re 分享 it as well.

  9. 嗨里克,

    I think 谷歌’也针对Facebook。我只是认为他们在这样做时要耐心,并尽量不要与他们并肩作战,而是一次要面对一个特征。

  10. 无论哪种方式,我都认为此介绍将对站点所有者产生重大影响。一世’d agree though with what you said in the comments about the way 谷歌 喜欢s to throw things out there to test the waters and see what happens. They’坚持不懈地致力于一点一点地测试它’这是他们的产品倾向于随着时间而摇摆的原因之一’re fully rolled out.

  11. well finally it came up.. i was wondering when google will take this step for the 喜欢 button on facebook…

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  13. 法案,

  14. This +1 thing might seem 喜欢 a good idea, but will flip the SEO world upside-down. SEO will be based on how many different people or ip addresses you can get to click +1 on a specific site. It will become either a popularity contest or simply how many ip’s您可以访问。

  15. 杰德·埃尔托姆(Jed Eltom)– Yes exactly… now seo companies will be paying people to click on +1 buttons regardless if they 喜欢 it or not!

  16. 你好汤姆


    But, 谷歌 is throwing it out there and testing it, and I think continual testing 喜欢 that does make a difference.

  17. 嗨史蒂夫,

    猜测一下’s not a surprise that some people are asking about putting +1 buttons on their websites before the feature is even rolled out to all of 谷歌’s datacenters.


  18. 嗨里嘉

    它为N’t a surprise that 谷歌 would try to do something similar in some ways to a 喜欢 button. It will be interesting seeing if 谷歌 does add more features than just showing that you +1’ed a site to your 朋友们, and adding a new +1 tab to your 谷歌 Profile.

  19. 嗨杰米,

    I’m not sure that this will have any impact initially upon search results. I expect 谷歌 to do a lot of live testing first and seeing if any data from +1s actually makes search results better or worse, and seeing if people try to abuse it, and how they might be able to avoid that kind of abuse.

  20. 嗨,杰德和约翰,


  21. 我是老学校。我不发推特,也没有在Facebook上度过时光。我什至从真实商店购买产品。

    And so this +1 thing has me wonder if I need to upgrade, just to be hip. I havent bothered pushing the 喜欢 button on sites, thinking people ought to be able to figure these things out themselves. And isnt there just a tiny chance for manipulation and fraud, just 喜欢 in, dare I say it, adwords?!?

    I am sure that from your previous 发布s that 谷歌 already has a ream of hidden and overt methods of collecting data on sites, so this just appears to be window dressing and keeping up withe the Joneses. Love 谷歌, just not sure about popular voting, online. yet.

  22. My question is: How long will it take black hatters to figure out a way to manipulate these buttons to push them up in the SERP results? IF 谷歌 ends up using the data to influence organic search results…


  23. 正如比尔所说,Google可能会对+1服务进行严格的测试。即使没有+ 1,Google也会为查询提供最准确的结果。滥用大量假冒个人资料以增加+1的风险也很高。 谷歌将不得不监视滥用情况,并避免此类不相关的活动。 谷歌应确保在满足最终用户的各个方面始终保持主导地位。

  24. 这显示了精明的业务的属性。 谷歌知道他们必须及时了解当前的市场趋势,才能持续保持竞争力并利用市场份额。从许多方面来说,即将推出的+1功能是不费吹灰之力的。必须说我 ’我很高兴只能与朋友或与联系相关的人员(而不是全球每个人)共享这些评分,因为这可能会使某些网站站长毛茸茸。

  25. 嗨布鲁斯,

    I’我不确定Google’s +1 is the 社会的 innovation that is a turning point towards 谷歌 being “social.” Funny, but 谷歌 has been collecting more implicit signals about how people search for a few years now, and it seems 喜欢 they’最好使用这种类型的信息作为排名信号。也许+1是橱窗装饰,尽管 发布 at the 谷歌 Webmaster notes that:

    Today we’ve rolled out this improvement globally to all English-language 谷歌 users, and we’ve also incorporated new user feedback signals to help people find better search results. In some high-confidence situations, we are beginning to incorporate data about the sites that users block into our algorithms.

    Do those signals include 谷歌 +1s? We don’不能肯定地知道这一点。

    有了任何排名信号,’s always some potential risk, and some potential cost that needs to be paid to make it more 喜欢ly that those signals don’不要被操纵或虐待。它’s possible that ideas 喜欢 看查询宽度 might play a role with the new user-behavior signals 谷歌 has added.

  26. 嗨,马克,


  27. 嗨,克雷格,

    我也注册了,但是不要’t really spend too much time logged into my 谷歌 Account when I search, so I haven’t seen too many +1s.

  28. 李嗨

    即使+1不是’t used to influence search results, I think I agree with you that it makes sense for 谷歌 to provide some way for their search results to seem more interactive to searchers.


  29. Hard to see this being anything more than a gimmick and as other users have rightly pointed out, 喜欢ly to be subject to manipulation. Interesting to see if this does develop into a useful feature.

  30. 这很容易被滥用’甚至不好笑。我已经可以看到在Fiverr上的人们愿意以5美元的价格给您200次点击。

  31. I thing +1 buttons for 谷歌 not good 🙁 我从不真正了解“赞”,“拇指向上或向下”以及现在加/减按钮的含义。

  32. 谷歌 has made it clear that this is going to influence search. The question is how?

    脸书’s Like button has spread 喜欢 wild fire and makes sense within the 社会的 media setting. But, getting individual website owners to place the +1 button outside this setting

    谷歌 has the power to make this happen. But, sustainability in an area where 谷歌 has yet to conquer is another issue.

  33. 嗨,克雷格,

    Right now the +1 buttons are only appearing in 谷歌 search results, but the announcement introducing them told us that they would become available for site owners to put on their pages sometime in the not too distant future.

  34. 凯文,你好

    Not sure if 谷歌 did this to make the search results a little more interactive and make them seem a little more 社会的 since you can see what your “friends”添加了+1。我不’相信+1会在没有大量研究的情况下,并且没有适当的减轻操纵可能性的方式,实际上会影响搜索排名。

  35. 嗨,高兰,

    If I were in 谷歌’s shoes, I’d introduce something 喜欢 the +1 button, and not have it count towards rankings until I’ve弄清楚了如何抓住试图操纵它的人们(也许甚至在那之后也没有)。

  36. 嗨Dieu

    At this point, the +1 buttons help make search more interactive, and more 社会的. That seems to be something that a lot of people care about.

  37. Interested to see how the importance of the +1 button will be. Seomoz just did an 文章 on the potential value in 脸书 分享 (over tweets and other 社会的 media actions).

  38. 嗨,健太郎,

    我看了SEOmoz文章。我觉得在那里’s still a lot of experimentation going on at 谷歌 with how 社会的 signals from outside of Mountain View may impact search and search results.

    谷歌似乎更喜欢使用自己收集的有关搜索者的数据,例如查询日志文件和查询会话信息,自定义搜索引擎上下文文件,工具栏浏览历史记录等来影响搜索结果。有自己的“like” button seems 喜欢 a way to provide them with more control over that kind of 社会的 behavior.

  39. 我很高兴地报告,我终于完成了这项工作。我必须以普通用户身份登录(而不是企业帐户),并全部使用firefox创建个人资料,但是一旦完成,它就非常简单。

  40. 嗨,克雷格,

    很高兴得知您能够在搜索结果中看到+1按钮。 谷歌最近宣布,网页的+1按钮将在几周内开始可用,因此很高兴看到它们出现。他们还指出,人们将能够在Google网站站长工具上看到人们给页面+1的频率(可能在搜索结果之内)。