Are large 官方网投 agencies, with a wide scope of international coverage on multiple topics, with large numbers of reporters, and finely edited 文章 s better sources of 官方网投 than smaller and more local papers, or narrow niche blogs?

A patent on ranking 文章 s 在谷歌 News was granted this week that was originally filed in 2003, and it discusses several ranking factors that it might use to present 官方网投 文章 s based upon the “quality” of the 官方网投 sources involved.


专利没有’t include a full range of signals that Google probably considers in ranking 官方网投 stories, such as the freshness of the 官方网投 (as 注意到的 在谷歌’的专利申请在Universal Search上),或者某个来源是否为原始来源。

顺便说一句,关于从Google研究人员的官方网投文章,博客文章或网页中查找内容的实时或非常实时的来源的主题是一篇技术性强但有趣的论文, 有效地检测文本段的来源 (pdf)。

The premise behind developing 质量 signals for 官方网投 文章 s is established early on in the patent:

For example, suppose a person wishes to obtain the latest 官方网投 regarding a particular topic via the Internet. The person accesses a web site that includes a conventional search 发动机。 The person enters one or more terms relating to the topic of interest, such as “Iraq,” into the search engine to attempt to locate a 官方网投 source that has published an 文章 relating to the topic.

Using a search engine in this manner to locate individual web sites that provide 官方网投 文章 s relating to the desired topic often results in a ranked list of hundreds or even thousands of “hits,”其中每个匹配可能对应于与搜索字词相关的网页。

While each of the hits in the ranked list may relate to the desired topic, the 官方网投 sources associated with these 点击 however, may not be of uniform 质量.

For example, CNN and BBC are widely regarded as high-quality sources of accuracy of reporting, professionalism in writing, etc., while local 官方网投 sources, such as hometown 官方网投 sources, may be of lower 质量.

那里fore, there exists a need for systems and methods for improving the ranking of 官方网投 文章 s based on the 质量 of the 官方网投 source with which the 文章 s are associated.

I’m questioning that assumption, that sources such as CNN or BBC, maybe better sources of 质量 信息 than hometown 官方网投 sources in many instances. I think it’s often possible that a local reporter and a local hometown 官方网投 source may hold the potential to provide details and insights and 信息 that a larger organization may miss. It is worth looking at the signals that are listed in the patent, though.


Systems and methods for improving the ranking of 官方网投 文章 s
由Michael Curtiss,Krishna Bharat和Michael Schmitt发明


A system ranks results. The system may receive a list of links. The system may identify a source with which each of the links is associated and rank the list of links based at least in part on a 质量 of the identified sources.


专利的核心是一种对可能在同一主题上的文章进行源排名的方法,以按顺序显示这些文章(或确定哪些内容可能显示在Google官方网投的首页或Google官方网投的搜索结果中) 。

The process of coming up with a source rank score for a 官方网投 source is based upon looking at several metrics for each 官方网投 source, which measure different attributes of the source.


Number of 文章 s produced 通过 the 官方网投 source during a given time period

据推测,在一段时间内,源产生的文章(非重复文章)越多越好。我们’re told that as an alternative, the search engine might consider the number of original sentences published 通过 the 官方网投 source during that time.

Average length of an 文章 from the 官方网投 source


较长的文章更好吗?如果搜索引擎要看CNN’s top 100 官方网投 stories from the past week, and the top 100 官方网投 stories from another source, and compare the length of those, should the source with the longest 文章 s
be considered higher 质量? If the search engine instead clustered together all 文章 s on a specific story and looked at the length of those, would the longest again be the higher 质量 story? This metric appears to indicate that it is a signal to consider.

Breaking 官方网投 score

How soon after an important event happens does the 官方网投 source publish a story about it? If all of the stories about that event were clustered together, and the publication dates and times were viewed, the sources that responded quickest would have a higher “breaking 官方网投 score.”


If the search engine were to track how many people followed links to particular 官方网投 sources when they were presented with links to those sources, which sources did people tend to visit more? This doesn’t measure the “popularity” of 官方网投 sources as much as it does whether or not people follow links to particular sources when they see those links in search results.

Human opinion of the 官方网投 source

People WHO use the search engine may be polled to identify 官方网投 sources that they enjoy reading or have visited. Other measures may also be used as well. For instance, we are told that 官方网投papers can be compared based at least in part on the number of Pulitzer prizes the papers have won. We’re also told that the age of a 官方网投 source “可能被视为公众的信心衡量标准。”作为另一种选择,可以向评估人员显示来自不同来源的文章的选择,并要求评估者为其来源分配得分。

Circulation statistics of the 官方网投 source

与来源相关的印刷出版物的发行量统计,代理商使用情况统计“例如Media Metrix和Nielsen Netratings,”以及其他可能的方法来衡量到源的流量。

The size of the staff associated with the 官方网投 source

The numbers of distinct journalist names from 文章 s in the 官方网投 source might be viewed.

The number of 官方网投 bureaus associated with the 官方网投 source

This seems to favor larger and more established 官方网投 agencies.

Original named entities appearing in 文章 s produced 通过 the 官方网投 source


如果有关某个特定事件的所有故事都聚集在一起,并且其中包含提及命名实体的提及,而同一主题的其他文章则没有’t include, it might rank higher than others. This metric is supposed to indicate that 官方网投 sources are “能够进行原始报告。”使用此方法有一些限制。例如,可以考虑文章的发布日期以查看哪个文章何时包含哪个命名实体。在确定文章中的命名实体是否唯一时,还可以查看拼写和缩写的变化。


Articles from 官方网投 sources might be categorized into different topics, and the range of those topics might be considered as an indication of the breadth of that source. This seems to favor more general sources than ones focused upon a narrower niche. A more focused source may have higher 质量 文章 s about the topics that they specialize in.

International diversity of the 官方网投 source

This looks at the number of countries from which the 官方网投 site receives traffic on the Web. The search engine might look at something like the IP addresses of people WHO click through links to the sources, to see how to spread out their audience might be across the globe.

The writing style used 通过 the 官方网投 source

The search engine might use automated tests to measure spelling, grammar, and reading levels for a 官方网投 source.

Other signals might also be considered, such as the number of links that might be seen pointing to the 官方网投 web site.



While this was filed almost 6 years ago, it does provide details for an algorithmic approach to assigning scores for 官方网投 sources that could be used to rank 官方网投 文章 s 在谷歌 News, and many of the assumptions behind specific factors in that algorithm. It’可能今天仍在使用该算法的某些版本,并且可能还会使用许多所涉及的排名因素。


For instance, if a breaking story came out about a discovery in Physics, and a reputable and well-respected site on Physics News published an insightful and detailed 文章 on the discovery, it could be a better source for the topic than a 官方网投 source which may have written about the discovery first, has many more reporters and much wider circulation, gets seen 通过 a much more international audience, has a wide number of 官方网投 bureaus, has been publishing since the 1800s, and was written 通过 someone WHO doesn’根本不了解物理学。




  1. 比尔非常感谢,我看了几次。看到一些熟悉的名字。它看起来确实像一个可以在当前“social”景观。在某种程度上同意支持条款的重要性… but…它总是归结为不同的笔触…这一直是我们要处理的。

    FWIW,这是“news”因此,如米歇尔·杰克逊(Micheal Jackson)的故事和伊拉克大选SE所显示的那样,新鲜感是一个重要信号’s used to 拥有 that… now…没那么多。海事组织’s see the 社会的 signal as their “vulnerability”马上。我的意思是,这是互联网…趋势或时尚始终是互联网技术公司关注的问题。

  2. 比尔,这是一个很棒的职位。

    I think 信息 reveals an even greater flaw 在谷歌 News: publications that break stories are often not ranked. Instead, the url’具有较高域权限的AP或CNN之类的工具,可以利用小型出版物的辛勤工作和富有创意的官方网投来获得巨大的点击量。


    I have a number of ideas that IMO would fix this problem, but I might save it for my 拥有 blog 😉

  3. 嗨,特里,

    您’re welcome. Absolutely. Freshness is a key element of 官方网投 –问题是,一旦你’ve identified an important event or 官方网投 worthy topic, which source do you point people towards. And how do you do it as quickly as possible, especially on your 官方网投 page? As they say in the 文章 on 有效地检测文本段的来源 :


    该专利专注于使用基于“quality” of 官方网投 sources, but we’ve come a long way in a short period of time since it was published. And I think people have greater expectations now of 官方网投 and search. I think the 质量 measures are still very much real concerns for Google, but what’s a search engine to do if a very 官方网投 worthy story is broken on twitter. 🙂

  4. Excellent synopsis. I would have to agree, I assume that the 质量 and authority of the 官方网投 provider would be designated as more relevant than a small local 官方网投 station, because whenever I search for popular topics (politics, world 官方网投, etc) I often see 官方网投 results from major agencies… I am curious if they evaluate user experience and time on the 官方网投 website to find out which 官方网投 providers offer the best content.

  5. 嗨,比尔,

    Isn’t this “news patent” about Google’无法控制/拥有在线丰富关键字域名/短语和伴随内容– “the narrow niche?”Google是内容的聚合者,为了维护其内容’ “authority status” with the masses and 保费 广告商, it has to aggregate real-time 质量 信息 – a 官方网投 channel – from “权威/品牌网站。 ”

    当我搜寻–对于任何关键字词/短语– I always hit “news” – and never search “the web” – mainly because “the web”没有我要的最新的相关信息。我在寻找“quality 信息” from “authority sites.”如果你看看“advertisers” on any 官方网投 search result vs web search results, you will begin to see a “premium” tier developing. The 广告商 on the 官方网投 results are 广告商 with big budgets. General web search results, because of spam and the lack of relevant results, are going to become Google’s “remnant inventory” for 广告商. Think “parked 域.” If Google cannot “own” the domain name, and the 拥有er of that competitive domain name is a “官方网投权威网站”因此,通过编写原始内容,可以放置在有机SERP的首页上,而不必使用Google’的广告服务要实现这一目标,Google需要“new”SERP的渠道“compete.”我相信,该频道是Google官方网投。

    美国在线’蒂姆·阿姆斯特朗(Tim Armstrong)正在招聘“journalists” WHO write original content. Some of these 记者 拥有 rich keyword domain names, already in the organic SERPs – content categories – and they are writing original content for 美国在线’s “engine.” 美国在线 is building and buying brands —我认为,采用关键字丰富“domains”并通过专家内容将这些关键字短语/类别货币化— exactly what 广告商 are looking for. And, Tim Armstrong is doing this under 美国在线’的伞。 Google是信息的聚集者,而当前“news”专利将取决于“质量和权威,” WHO and what category 官方网投 gets listed 在谷歌’s “news”渠道。谷歌会’s “news”频道最终成为“information” in categories featuring content results from 美国在线’s 记者 (among others, of course….)?

    我相信AOL是通用的“brand presence”从而有机会破坏Google的搜索能力。我认为Tim Armstrong知道这一点,我认为Google也知道这一点。谷歌’官方网投专利全在于确定谁先说了什么–原始内容。而且,这正是蒂姆·阿姆斯特朗’的作家和编辑正在尝试–撰写原创内容并抢占市场份额–第一。 Google也知道在竞争中将很难“local content”除了明显的地址和电话号码。输入AOL’购买补丁。再次,真实内容的真正作者处于狭ni的位置。就像MSNBC’最近购买的“Every Block.”因此Google必须汇总“quality” content from “authority websites” to stay “credible”与群众和广告商。 Google现在必须考虑“the next click.”日历营销和时间安排将对大型广告商在网络上官方网投和超本地信息的内容营销中发挥巨大作用—回想学校,超级碗等。这个词“news”一直是吸引我们注意的有力词汇。这个“news”专利只是Google的开始’s “marketing strategy”展示原始内容的在线资产。

    比尔,你认为谷歌’s 官方网投 patent has any bearing on Tim Armstrong’s push to turn 美国在线 into a Newsroom? Do you think Google would buy 美国在线?

  6. 有趣的东西,有些我’m sure I can really use to help grow my 拥有 websites. Any time we can get any real info about Google operates it seems like something to celebrate.

  7. 嗨,约翰,

    I’我期待您对这个问题的想法。我关注的问题之一是我认为PageRank和Domain Authority概念的缺陷。

    那里 are many people WHO write about topics in which they have a tremendous amount of expertise. For example, 施耐尔安全, is a great resource to learn 信息 about technology-relate security issues, but it’由一位作者撰写,没有任何国际机构,没有媒体人员,一位作者,一个非常狭窄的利基市场(包括他周五的鱿鱼博客帖子),以及其他一些问题,这些问题可能不会导致“source rank.” And yet, it’s a great source of 官方网投 and 信息 on security issues. Should 施耐尔安全 be considered a 官方网投 source?

    如果CNN和BBC要与Schneier共同主持安全事件,’s very possible that they would show up before posts from Bruce Schneier. And we might just miss out on more insightful and informative 信息 from an expert on the subject.

  8. 嗨,猴子乔,


  9. 嗨,西尔维亚,

    I think one of the reasons behind the development of universal search or blended search 通过 all of the major search engines is to enable them to insert 官方网投 results into their web results in an effort to try to capture more timely 信息.

    If 美国在线 is working on developing rich fresh content, I think it is because they understand the value of being a portal tht attracts visitors, and keeps them on their pages as long as possible, making it more likely that those visitors may see more advertisements and possibly even click through some of them.

    I’m not sure that Google wants to be a content producer, or acquire one. Their focus seems to be more on making 信息 and content accessible rather than creating that content.

    The patent was filed in 2003, and 美国在线 was a very different place then – more of a walled garden for its 拥有 members than the destination hub it seems to want to become now.

  10. 嗨,比尔, interesting topic, I remember once when I was blogging using a blogspot low PR blog I picked a title that was very hot in the 官方网投 at that time surprisingly it was the only post cached within seconds of pinging, this made me think of how google treats any post related to a 新 hot story regardless of the source

  11. 嗨,杰克,

    While the patent is about 官方网投 search, some of the ideas and assumptions about the ranking of pages might flow over to web search. 博客 posts can get discovered pretty quickly as a result of pinging a search engine, and if they are on a topic where there are a burst of searches, they might get a boost in search results for search queries that they may be relevant for.

    如您所知,’尽管有来源– 谷歌官方网投 may place more weight on where a story comes from than web search, or blog search, when it comes to including timely 信息 in search results –尤其是帖子与查询字词非常相关时。

  12. 我真的很喜欢实时搜索引擎OneRiot’s – – PulseRank system for determining relevant 官方网投 based on a page’s 人气 among 社会的 network users on 推特 , Digg etc. I wonder what Google will come up with to compete in the real-time search space.

  13. 嗨人查找器,


    I’ve seen the phrase “real time search” in interviews with executives from Google over the past couple of months, but without any indications of how they might work to achieve those results. We know that Google can find 信息 from blogs within minutes, when those sources ping Google. News 文章 s also can show up 在谷歌 fairly quickly, and that’s likely because Google only includes a limited number of 官方网投 sources.

    Freshness is often an important feature for those sources, as well as finding novel 信息 from sources that produce substantially similar results, such as wire stories from the press.


  14. 我必须同意约翰的看法:


    悲伤但真实…who’s going to reward the 新 unique content? My only guess to resolve this problem over time would be the ‘readers’ themselves. If they allow some 社会的 ranking into the mix it will help avoid completely cutting off the entry of 新 质量 publishing sources.

    Once a 新 publisher hits a threshold, at that point it would likely be able to gain some link-richness.

  15. 嗨米切尔,

    不管您是否在线出版,这都是非常现实的挑战之一’re a 新 blogger, or a main stream media source that’使用其离线状态来促进在线读者。唐’t know if you’ve read Clay Shirkey’几年前的幂律,博客和不平等,但社会排名也有其局限性。

    Many of the best sources of 信息 online, in blogs and other types of sites, aren’t the biggest, or the most well known, or have the most 读者群 or links.

  16. 哇我’我从来没有想过Google’的算法考虑了很多因素。

  17. 丹尼尔,您好


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  19. Isn’t Google developing and ready to launch Realtime Hub? check (404 page) for 社会的 search option.

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