谷歌 Patent Granted on Web Link Spam



examples of link farms and 集团攻击s

A search engine like 谷歌 might determine that a page is relevant to a specific query based upon the content found on that page, and the anchor text found in links pointing to the page.

它也可能会考虑“relationships” between pages 通过 looking at how pages are linked to each other. PageRank is one method of viewing those links that 谷歌 states that it uses, and assigning a measure of importance to pages that are linked to from other pages. This measure, or rank might be simplified as a probability that someone might arrive at a certain page if they are arbitrarily and randomly clicking on links on pages that they’ve surfed.

This combination of relevance in content and anchor text, as well as importance based upon link 关系 helps to determine the order that pages show up in response to queries from searchers. While it’s possible that 谷歌 might proceed to rerank a certain number of those top search results based upon other signals, this method of determining the top results can influence whether or not a page might be seen 通过 searchers.


A patent granted to 谷歌 today describes a way that the search engine might use to identify two different methods of spamming pages, and take action against 人为夸大的重要性 (or PageRanks) for pages.




的description in the 谷歌 patent specifically picks out two types of link spam, link farms and 集团攻击s, and explains how links involved in those behaviors might be different than links to authentic pages.

链接农场 –链接服务器场通常是一大组页面,主要是为了指向单个页面而创建的,目的是错误地给人以指向的页面很重要的印象。



集团攻击 – Another type of link spam is the 集团攻击, or 我们带, which is a set of pages that predominantly point at each other, to present a false appearance of authority or importance.

的pages in this kind of 集团攻击, or 我们带, don’t link much outside of the other pages in the ring, and their links to each other might cause each site to appear higher in search results if the links from the 我们带 are considered 通过 the search engine. Many of these will tend to not link out to other pages outside of the 我们带, like authentically important pages might.


When pages that are likely to be spam link have been located, under this patent, 谷歌 take action to account for the “人为夸大的重要性” of those pages.



  1. 在确定其他页面的链接重要性时,可能根本不考虑页面的链接。
  2. 的impact of links from the page might be reduced in importance.
  3. 可能会对页面链接的重要性施加预定的惩罚。
  4. 页面的重要性可能会以某种方式降低’t rely upon links.
  5. 页面的重要性可能会以某种方式降低’依赖链接,同时也降低了页面中链接的重要性。

的patent does go into depth on some of the math behind the identification of link spam in link farms and 集团攻击s, and is worth spending time with if you want to delve deeper into how 谷歌 might use the methods described in the patent:

由Sepandar D. Kamvar,Taher H.Haveliwala和Glen M. Jeh发明
Assigned to 谷歌



  1. 非常有趣的是,自提起诉讼以来,事情肯定已经发生了。另一个很棒的帖子!

  2. 嘿比尔



  3. 嗨,理查德,

    This patent does seem to fill in a void in understanding how 谷歌 might be looking at links and link spam. For a long time, many people where mistakely attributing Yahoo’s concept of Trustrank to 谷歌, and in this patent we seen a different approach completely.

    It is likely that 谷歌 has incorporated other or additional ways of finding and acting on link spam since this was originally filed, but I think it provides some insight into an area where we hadn’t seen too much directly on the topic from 谷歌 previously.


    谢谢。已经好几年了’s probable that 谷歌 and the other search engines have been picking up many new ideas through resources like the 航空网 讲习班。

  4. 它表明它肯定不是’值得冒险访问您的网站’s rankings 通过 joining a 我们带 or link farm. 您 don’不想找到困难的方法。它’很难摆脱一个你 ’也需要重新修复,这可能需要您花费很多时间才能恢复。


  5. 嗨,迈克尔,

    Thanks. I agree with your criticism, especially of the use of terms that 谷歌 included in the patent. I wouldn’不会说这些是SEO行业已经很好定义和确立的术语–工业和学术研究人员,网站所有者,网络用户以及其他人也帮助他们赋予了意义。

    As you note, 我们带s have been around since the very early days of the web, before 谷歌 or Yahoo, and their purpose was to provide a way to navigate from one site to another that shared some common theme or purpose. itself dates back to 1994, and has survived being purchased and then abandoned 通过 Yahoo. 我不’t like 谷歌’s use of the term “web ring”还是在该专利中,但认为其使用“clique attack” is more useful.


  6. This patent application provides some insight into just how poorly 谷歌 understood Webspam five years ago. It also raises some questions. How is it that 谷歌 so consistently manages to botch up the well-documented definitions established 通过 the SEO industry?



  7. Think of the patent application language as a snapshot of 谷歌’是在2004年提出的。尽管专利权是在今年才授予的,但他们还是在多年前(以Internet术语)提出了这些想法和论点。

    谷歌 has rolled out two major redesigns of its search technology (Bigdaddy/Google 2.0 in 2006 and Searchology/Google 3.0 in 2007).

    今年我们’re seeing them roll out new semantic features that have been hinted at in some patent applications as well. However, no patent is really going to provide us with much information about what 谷歌 may be doing now.

  8. 嗨,索伦,

    该专利似乎确实有限,没有’t it. 🙂 谷歌 doesn’讨论了过多的公共垃圾邮件处理方法,但他们还发布了至少其他几项专利申请,涉及识别采用不同方法的网络垃圾邮件。

    我的帖子标题 谷歌 Patent on Web Spam, Doorway Pages, and Manipulative Articles involves a granted patent from 谷歌 originally filed in 2003. It provides a wider and more complex approach to identifying web spam. Another post, 基于短语的信息检索和垃圾邮件检测 提供了一些有关如何在基于短语的索引系统中识别垃圾邮件页面的信息。

    谷歌 has also been a participant in the 航空网 workshops with other search industry and academic members. I think it’s safe to say that 谷歌 does know more about link spam than what is reflected in this patent.

  9. 谢谢,迈克尔。

    It can take a long time for a patent to go from just filed application to granted patent. One of 谷歌’s vice presidents, Udi Manber, mentioned in an interview last April that 谷歌 updated their search algorithm over 450 times in 2007 alone. Thankfully not every change is captured in a patent filing. 🙂

  10. 我知道很多站点使用目录内容管理系统来创建数百个甚至数千个指向其网站的链接。这不’对于像这样的事情,现在看起来像过去一样运作良好‘Google bombing’, etc.

    Judging from this 谷歌 patent, it will be even less effective in the future.

  11. It is hard to distinguish which sites are link farms and which are not because 谷歌 can easily accuse sites to being link farms rather than a 我们带.

  12. 嗨,艾伯特,

    很难区分链接在一起的页面,因为这些链接为访问者提供了价值,而链接在一起的页面只是为了彼此增加’s ranks. But, I’在许多页面上,网站所有者明确指出彼此链接的目的是帮助彼此提高搜索排名。在这种情况下,很容易分辨出这些链接不是’在那里帮助访问者找到有用的相关资源…

  13. 一篇很有启发性的文章,道具!我有一个问题:我拥有多个具有相同IP的页面,’t try to hide this “network” from 谷歌. They are all linked like a 我们带 but is it really damaging if I just advise visitors of my other projects? I’m quite scared 谷歌 don’t realise that 我不’不想欺骗他们。 ðŸ〜‰


  14. 嗨弗洛里安,



  15. I’ve been a website designer for over 13 years and this is the first of of hearing about a 集团攻击. I wonder if it’该算法可能会选择具有多个链接的站点的合法链接作为链接场。

  16. 嗨乔,

    It’s possible that you’ve tripped over 集团攻击s many times without recognizing them, or knowing that someone at 谷歌 was calling them 通过 that name.

    It is possible that some aspects of legitimate linking, such as webrings, may seem similar to 集团攻击s, but usually when someone gets involved in a 我们带, they are also getting links from other places as well, and linking out to other sites in different ways, too.

  17. 如果今天的人们愚蠢地参与链接农场,那么他们应该被搜索引擎打扰。网上有足够的关于该主题的文章,任何被发现这样做的人都应该清楚知道。有趣的是,有些人会竭尽全力提高他们的在线排名。

  18. 嗨,比尔,



  19. 有趣的文章和有趣的评论,尤其是关于2004年申请和2009年赠款之间的差额–您可能会认为现在一切都已过时。知道有多少内置在其中会很有趣‘caffine’.

  20. 嗨,马克,

    谷歌’s caffeine is an update of how 谷歌 stores and accesses information in their databases – the basic infrastructure of their data storage and collection. 的impact of that will likely be that they can store more information, and acccess it quicker. 我不’认为不会直接影响他们识别链接垃圾邮件并采取行动的方式,但是’他们更强大的基础架构可能会通过允许他们在网络垃圾邮件上承担更多的资源而产生间接影响。

  21. 它使您想知道SEO中的链接构建是否将成为过去。随着垃圾邮件越来越成为问题,谷歌需要多长时间将其从算法中排除…

  22. 嗨,尼尔,

    链接 had value in the days before search engines that relied upon them for ranking, and they likely will after search engines place less reliance on links. 那里’向您网站上的访问者提供链接仍然很有价值。

    I do think the search engines are finding more ways to address link spam, advanced beyond what is described in the 谷歌 patent that is the topic of this post. 谷歌’s exclusive license to use PageRank does expire next year, but the PageRank that they use today is likely very much different than the PageRank of the 90s. We also know that 谷歌 and the other major search engines look at a very large number of other signals in ranking pages, and will likely continue to do so.

  23. 非常有益的条例草案。感谢您对Florian的回答’的问题。我想知道同样的事情!!!

    And I agree with 比尔·加塞特. 我不’不知道为什么人们会打扰链接农场。它的常识。

  24. 嗨,萝莉,

    您’re welcome.


  25. I have a local competitor that is involved with a large 我们带, and he dominates the search engines. When I first started to build my online presence, I was copying his methods. I now know what he is doing is spam, but he still ranks high.


  26. @尼尔

    如果搜索引擎放弃链接数作为衡量网页排名的标准,我会非常非常惊讶。除了上下文链接以外,其他什么形式的信息也可以“computer”用作做出上下文决策的基础?确定您有类似的事情“bounce rate”,但这些指标可用来评估“trustworthiness”的链接。我个人认为搜索引擎是“stuck”使用链接作为在可预见的未来挖掘人的观点的基础手段。


  27. 嗨丽莎,



  28. 嗨,马克,

    那里 are other areas that the search engines are exploring to determine the importance of a web page, from user-behavior signals other than 跳出率 (such as time spent on a page), to annotations in bookmarks and tags and search wiki’和社交网络。链接可能继续在搜索引擎如何对页面进行排名中发挥作用,但是将来这种作用可能会越来越小。

  29. 对排名最高的作品做了一些研究“make money online”博主和会员,并且有大量的serp“manipulation”四处走动。您如何看待这种利基市场以及所采用的策略?

    特隆 $

  30. It’s the biggest irony, Bill. These gurus supposedly teaching how to 网上赚钱 are making money online 通过 telling others how they 网上赚钱.


    菜鸟:那’s it?

    在Noob卖了几本电子书之后,他’s a Guru.



  31. 布兰登:我’自96年以来一直从事该行业。’ve还撰写了有关SEO,社交媒体营销和数字策略的书籍。另外,我拥有20多个国际认可的技术认证(Cisco CCNP,CCIE笔试,Microsoft MCSE,Master CIW等)。

    我不’看不出为什么我不应该向我的读者提供我的知识和服务的任何充分理由吗?一世’一个喜欢我的工作并喜欢帮助别人的普通人。如果我的经验和知识可以帮助别人实现自己的目标,而没有像我这样的流血和泪水,那么这怎么被认为是更多“monkey business”比纽约SEO?我在2006年建立了自己的SEO公司,并在2009年以相当可观的价格将其出售,但之所以这样做,是因为这笔钱没有激励我。我只是想念书呆子的东西,并拥有更多的自由。拥有自己的公司并不是我所期望的。我比CEO更喜欢SEO。一世’作为首席执行官,我比首席执行官要好得多。

    I’确保您和比尔都在赚钱“cloud” too, right?


  32. 嗨Trond,

    那里’您通过提供旨在帮助他人的书籍和服务的实际价值来做的工作与某些人提供的等同于您所做的工作之间的区别“如何赚钱填充信封” scams.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams that offer people the opportunity to 网上赚钱, and don’t. It’不难找到它们。

  33. 嗨,比尔,

    的link to the patent is not live at present so maybe you can email an updated version as I’d有兴趣进一步阅读。


    1.它’s still a grey area as to how much link juice is allocated for each link from a site. 谷歌 have never been very specific on whether any page has a cetain amoutn that is diluted every time a link is given out or if each link is effectively run in parallel and doesn’t完全稀释。马特·卡茨(Matt Cutts)似乎总是也回避这个问题。

    2. Providing people give good valued content then 我不’看不到回馈并链接回其站点的任何问题,即使使用锚文本也是如此,因为任何手动审核仍将页面视为相关且有价值的内容,因此,链接的页面也更可能与良好的内容相关。


  34. 嗨贾斯汀,

    的link to the patent is working properly. Maybe there was a problem with the patent office website this morning.

    Chances are that there was always a different amount of PageRank passed along 通过 different links on a page, since the launch of 谷歌. Matt Cutts has said a number of times over the past few years that different links on a page pass along different amounts of PageRank.


  35. 我知道很多站点使用目录内容管理系统来创建数百个甚至数千个指向其网站的链接。对于“Google轰炸案¢¢â€¢之类的事情,这似乎不像过去那样有效。

    Judging from this 谷歌 patent, it will be even less effective in the future.

  36. 嗨罗伊,

    如果有人依靠搜索引擎找到这些链接,并使用它们来“improve” the rankings of pages, then the links will also be viewed and measured and analyized to see if they might have been created to attempt to manipulate rankings. I think this is an area that 谷歌 continuously gets better at detecting on a regular basis, so that if they don’现在无法检测到它们,可能只是时间问题。