在新的广告计划下,您’ve 已订阅 to the 链接 from your pages, and can show images, animation, audio, java applets, 链接 to resources, reviews or ratings, and other advertisements when your pages appear in search results. If you include a link in your ad, you might also be charged for click-throughs in addition to the subscription fee.

Or, if you were the owner of a 床and breakfast, you could have your ads show up whenever the results of a search included both the web pages of the town where you are located and a specific travel site.

雅虎(Yahoo)一项新授予的专利探索了广告客户在搜索结果中展示广告的能力,’t based upon keywords, but rather on certain 链接 showing up in search results.

Delivering items based on 链接 to resources associated with search results
由Tasha Thai的Pasha Sadri,Eckart Walther发明


Techniques are described for delivering search results pages to the users of a search engine, where one or more search result listings on the search results pages include one or more items that are associated with 链接 to resources that satisfy a related search and that satisfy a specified condition.



假设一个所有者“bed & breakfast”加利福尼亚州纳帕市的一家企业希望以指定形式(即商品)显示广告,并显示特定上下文的搜索结果,以响应客户网络搜索而返回。


For example, the owner defines the context to consist of search results that include particular 链接 to resources, such as one or more Napa Valley sites, one or more travel sites, and one or more 床and breakfast related sites.


Further, the owner associates a condition with the resource 链接-item association. For example, the condition may specify that if any two of the foregoing three resource 链接 are included in the top ten 链接 that are identified as a set of 链接 to resources that satisfy a search, then deliver the specified advertisement with the search results of any such search.




  1. This sounds like a very powerful addition to the advertising possibilities. Thanks for alerting us to this, Bill. Re your last question on competitors buying ads when your own 链接 appear in the SERPs, that’这正是竞争市场发挥作用的方式。希望您的摘录鼓励他们去广告,而不是广告。

  2. 这是一篇有趣的文章,该专利似乎是Overture的合乎逻辑的扩展’s crowning creation – and I’我当然很想知道它的去向,并为展示位置付费。但是,我能’难道是,那幅图和这篇文章到底有什么关系?

  3. 有趣的新咨询方式:)似乎是推广服务的好方法,但是您提出的问题却很有趣。也许雅虎会想办法解决这个问题。

  4. 嗨,罗伯,

    这是一个有趣的主意,但我不知道’t know how well it might work out in actual practice if Yahoo decides that it is worth implementing. I have a suspicion that many might not like their competitors subscribing to their 链接.

  5. 嗨,SEO Ranter,


    I suspect that if Yahoo implements the method described above, that many of the ads that we see may not be very relevant to searchers queries. These ads, whether text based, or banners, animations, applets, or whatever, or going to be based upon 链接 and not queries.

    如果显示的广告不是’t good matches for the searches that they are shown upon, or will advertisers be best served 通过 doing a thoughtful analysis to see where 链接 actually appear in search results, and for what kinds of queries?


  6. 嗨,巴里,

    It’很高兴看到这样提出的广告新方法。一世’我一直在思考这种竞争格局,以及如果竞争对手订阅了链接,企业会怎么做。出现一些有趣的场景。我假设通过使用“links” instead of “domains”该专利可以预期人们在网站首页以外的其他页面上竞标–包括描述单个产品和服务的页面。

  7. 嗨seo pixy


    Would you consider advertising in such a manner? How would you feel if your competitors 已订阅 to your link, so that they showed up in ads everytime your page appeared in search results?

    I can see some potential abuses that might arise out of this method of advertising. For instance, ads aimed less at finding good advertising opportunities, and more at attacking the owners of a link that has been 已订阅 to.

  8. 这是开箱即用的想法,但实际上并未与开箱即用的人交谈。表面上的想法很酷。


    如果我需要成为亚马逊的10% ’大小(我知道库存/技术等),我可以将自己与亚马逊的品牌和产品相关联,出现在它们旁边,并通过提供比亚马逊少2%的产品来获得剩余流量。




  9. Bill,我想你们俩都非常了解,这项专利的真正目标是保护Yahoo能够准确提供‘what if…’场景。当然,公司将像现在竞标竞争对手名称一样竞标竞争对手URL。雅虎知道这一点,那’想要这样做的整个商业吸引力。如果Yahoo纯粹是广告代理商,我们就不会’t even have a doubt.


  10. 嗨Ammon,

    很高兴见到你。的“what if”毫无疑问,scenerio是绝对的赚钱者。而且我认为,在竞争激烈的市场中,这将非常有效,就像上文提到的Barry一样。我认为许多广告客户会对通过这样的系统展示广告非常感兴趣。


  11. 它具有巨大的潜在良好用途。但是无论如何,人们在利用积极方面和消极方面似乎很少具有创新能力。毫无疑问,无论是约会,成人网站,赌博网站还是药房,都是最先决定您可以访问哪些网站成为主要目标的网站。


  12. 阿蒙

    If this process of subscribing to 链接 does come out as an advertising method, I hope that the potential good uses are the ones that we see.


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